Aftercare Advice

Lash Extensions after Care Advice

Basic makeup application and normal lifestyle can resume after the eyelash extension application. However, the following activities should be avoided within the first 3 hours

  • Spray or airbrush tanning
  • Avoid getting lashes wet
  • Exposure to excessive steam
  • Exposure to excessive heat
  • Contact lenses insertion
  • Non Xtreme Lashes cosmetics and skincare products

The following activities may weaken the adhesive bond and result in premature eyelash extension loss, and therefore should be voided

  • Excessive exposure to friction
  • Excessive use of oil-based eye care products on or near your eyelashes such as eye creams, Vaseline and cleansers
  • Use of waterproof cosmetic products on or near the eyelashes, including waterproof mascara and eyeliner
  • Excessive mascara application
  • Use of mechanical or heated curlers
  • Picking or pulling on your eyelashes
  • Excessively rubbing your eyes
  • Chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming


Spray Tan Aftercare Advice

  • Wear dark loose clothing as tight clothing or underwear may cause marks
  • Avoid sweating, excersise or swimming for the first 24hrs after treatment
  • Shower lightly after at least 2 hrs after application (use plain water, don’t use shower gels or shampoos) and pat dry
  • After first shower, you may shower as normal avoiding exfoliants
  • Moisturise daily as keeping your skin hydrated will help prolong your tan

To Remove Tan – Use exfoliating mitt/cloth, Dermalogica’s Exfoliating Body Scrub or Dermalogica Hydro-active Mineral Salts which can be added with water or body wash to create a scrub and/or used as a relaxing bath soak.


Post Peel Information

  • Your recovery time and depth of peeling will depend on your skin condition and the chosen peel. Your skin may become very hot, red and peel significantly, your skin care specialist will discuss with you what you may experience and the best aftercare.
  • Avoid direct sun for 5-10 days. Mineral pro SPF 30+ is mandatory and should be applied every 2 hours
  • Avoid waxing/Hair removal on treatment area for 14 days
  • Avoid Peels, IPLs, Laser and cosmeceutical facial treatments for 14 days that are not prescribed by clinic
  • Within 24hrs avoid exercise, heated yoga, saunas, spas and avid getting over heated
  • Do not pick, scratch or peel the skin
  • No exfoliating product, AHA’s, Vitamin A products, Retin A, scrubs, or enzymes post treatment for 3-5 days unless prescribed by your skin care specialist
  • Post care products (Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser, B3 Plus, Youth Activating Oil-Balm & Mineral Pro) will support skin health during the post peel period.


Post IPL information                                                                              

Until all redness has completely resolved, avoid all of the following

  • Applying cosmetics on treated areas
  • Swimming, especially in pools with chemical/chlorine
  • Hot tubs and saunas
  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration
  • Avoid sun exposure to treated areas


Post Waxing advice

  • Avoid sun exposure to treated areas and wear SPF+
  • Do not touch the treated area
  • Avoid fragranced moisturisers
  • Do not exfoliate or have any chemical peels for at least 3 days
  • Do not wear makeup for at least 12 hours
  • Avoid tight clothing
  • Avoid excessive perspiration and chlorine